Astrological Prediction For All Zodiac Signs on Wednesday

Last Updated: January 25, 2023, 00:01 ISTOracle Speaks, January 25, 2023: From Aries to Pisces, Know How Your Day Will Turn Out on Wednesday. (Representative Image: Shutterstock) Oracle Speaks, January 25, 2023: For an Aries, all your past efforts made in the right direction, are likely to garner appreciation. ARIES: MARCH 21-APRIL 19 , you are likely to garner appreciation. Ignore if someone has been judging you unnecessarily. Keep your office work up to the mark as there might be random but thorough checks. LUCKY SIGN– Floral dressTAURUS: APRIL 20-MAY 20Save your travel plans for later. It’s a day to plan and take things one at a time. There are good indications for a progressive future planning. Stuck cash flow is likely to improve. LUCKY SIGN– StrawberriesGEMINI: MAY 21-JUNE 21The energies are completely aligned with what you are intending to do. A sibling may require your guidance. You may get a surprise visit in the evening by someone you might not be expecting.LUCKY SIGN– Silver wireCANCER: JUNE 22-JULY 22If shopping is what you have planned for yourself, you may find yourself indulging in it. There are deadlines to be followed at work. A lack of domestic help may create hindrances in routine work.LUCKY SIGN– A metallic artLEO: JULY 23-AUGUST 22Teamwork is your focus for today. If you get a chance to collaborate, you must take it up. A heated argument at work may negatively influence your day. Let it pass for now and do not assess things prematurely. LUCKY SIGN– Colored bottleVIRGO: AUGUST 23-SEPTEMBER 22If your work is getting stuck and you need to please someone, now is the time. Short-term planning will be handy for the present times. Make sure you’re ready and well stocked to welcome guests tonight. LUCKY SIGN– A monkeyLIBRA: SEPTEMBER 23-OCTOBER 23It’s a good day to spend some time with the family, at home or virtually. Work may get demanding and your contribution shall be reviewed. Too much stress may leave you exhausted. LUCKY SIGN– A wooden boxSCORPIO: OCTOBER 24–NOVEMBER 21Make a vow to yourself that you will never let your old passion die. It’s time for you to revisit the same. The day has a progressive but lethargic energy, whatever you start, you will be able to finish slowly. LUCKY SIGN– Ice creamSAGITTARIUS: NOVEMBER 22–DECEMBER 21 A call from far away or abroad can make your day. You feel special. A short getaway plan may just work out. Your current relationship may need some immediate answers. LUCKY SIGN– A ball CAPRICORN: December 22–January 19It’s a good day to begin some new health routine. A book or an article can be inspirational in doing so. Something that you were considering as lost may be found. LUCKY SIGN– A flyAQUARIUS: January 20-February 18You may get a sign to now finalize what you have been contemplating to do. Follow your instinct and keep a check on your negative emotions. The day has mixed results. LUCKY SIGN– DewdropsPISCES: February 19–March 20A timely suggestion from a superior is likely to save a lot of time. You may now feel confident to take a pending decision. Someone in the family might need medical help.LUCKY SIGN– A Lake(The author is Pooja Chandra, Founder, Citaaraa – The Wellness Studio, all the Latest News here

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