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NUMBER 1Light a deepam to your Guru today because its a day to receive returns from all the good karmas of past. With the blessings of God, you will achieve high accolades and gain respect in society. You will meet a person who can help you to resolve legal or official issues through his strong background. Actors to receive an offer and must accept it. Please avoid using leather products to enhance attraction. A new offer is also anticipated today. MASTER COLOUR: TealLUCKY DAY: Thursday LUCKY NO: 5 DONATE: Saplings in ashrams NUMBER 2A relationship building and social networking day. Romantic relationship and relationship with children, both seem faithful and therefore doing best of their time. A romantic day to turn your feelings into reality. Business commitments will be fulfilled smoothly. Time to fall in partnership with big company. Avoid delegating. Politicians must be careful while signing papers. People working in industry may witness high growth and benefits. Control emotions while taking person decisions. MASTER COLOUR: Aqua LUCKY DAY: Monday LUCKY NO: 2 and 6 DONATE: White Rice to poorNUMBER 3Avoid using metal, instead use wooden products. Always try to stay blessed with planet Jupiter. Politicians or public dealers to use this day to the fullest. Luck will favor but remember don’t share financial matter today while you are with friends. Musicians, designers, students, news anchors, politicians, actors, artist, housewives, hotelier and writers likely to have special announcement for career growth.MASTER COLOUR: RedLUCKY DAY: Thursday and Violet LUCKY NO: 3 DONATE: Raw Turmeric to needy NUMBER 4Married or unmarried couple can spend time together to attain prosperity. It’s a favorable day for collaborations or partnerships. Keep patience while waiting for returns from investments, as it will favor you soon. You will complete all assignments perfectly on time. Donating of clothes or footwear will bring magical returns. Business like manufacturing, metal, machinery, cosmetics, vaastu, software and brokers can go for signing agreement today. Excellent professional life and also beautiful experience of being proud parents. MASTER COLOUR: BlueLUCKY DAY: Tuesday LUCKY NO: 9DONATE: Clothes to orphanagesNUMBER 5You can wear light colored clothes to make success and reach new heights. A day to make property or stock investments, as money benefits will be knocking soon. Sportsperson and travelers to have the best outcome. Wear green to enhance luck in meetings. Must propose your love, as life will offers gifts of your choice today. MASTER COLOUR: Sea GreenLUCKY DAY: Wednesday LUCKY NO: 5DONATE: Green fruits to poorNUMBER 6If waiting for marriage proposals, then it’s a fine day to click a favorable match. A day to attend family commitments and enjoy socializing. A day to attain satisfaction and self esteem. Its a busy day with lots of sequences. Will go out to attend functions, meet friends, family outing, picnic, stage performances and shopping. You are favorite of many in the family. Beauticians, cosmetic business, designers, dancers jewellers, actors, jockeys and doctors go for displaying their skills as the day turns lucky for them. Fathers to guide children for future can, it be favorable to their life. MASTER COLOUR: Blue LUCKY DAY: Friday LUCKY NO: 6DONATE: Cosmetic product to domestic helper NUMBER 7A great day to involve in documentation and money transactions. It could be a day of ups and downs but with the support of peers or family members, you can be completely successful. The day seems to be applying knowledge and wisdom involving money decisions. Relationship will give trust and respect in return of your past life karma. A great day for those working in government tenders, real estate, schools, interiors and grains. Business relations will be healthy as long as you don’t stay emotional.MASTER COLOUR: Yellow and Blue LUCKY DAY: Monday LUCKY NO: 7DONATE: Yellow sweets in templeNUMBER 8Luck will play strong role in networking as you will be recognized on a public platform today. Forget past and move on, and follow the advice of elders. Success is not far and now you can take many responsibilities on your shoulders. Transactions in business will be successful but pre-lunch. Agreements or interviews must be attended. Spending time with family is a must today. Please avoid traveling today. One of the best combinations today to increase money balance and love relations.MASTER COLOUR: Sea BlueLUCKY DAY: FridayLUCKY NO: 6DONATE: Green grains to cattle NUMBER 9Control expenses, otherwise its a day to use at fullest for dancers, painters, make artists, scientists, designers and musicians that builds brand image. People from medical science, scientist, glamor industry, finance, astrology, vast and architecture will see new heights. Day full of achievements and appreciation for people in creative arts. A beautiful day to approach government connections or peers to gain power in business or job as a great reply is waiting. Go wear red today. Females to take care of health and follow strict vegetarian diet.MASTER COLOUR: RedLUCKY DAY: Tuesday LUCKY NO: 9 and 6DONATE: Red fruits to poor.Read all the Latest News here

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