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NUMBER 1: People born on 1st, 20th, 19th and 28th There are personality clashes with partner but it’s a magical day if you meditate. The day should be spent in taking healing sessions, signing government contracts, attending presentations, sponsoring events and playing tournaments. You should extend your support to friends or relatives to resolve legal or official issues through your strong background. Please avoid using leather products to enhance attraction.MASTER COLOUR: OrangeLUCKY DAY: SundayLUCKY NO: 7 and 1DONATIONS: Please donate bananas to animals or poorNUMBER 2: People born on 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29thPeople born on 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29thYou will today all the corners, so stay calm, even if somebody practices to harm your goodwill. Today you should concentrate on career path to enhance speed of growth. A romantic day to turn your dream emotions into reality. Business commitments will be fulfilled smoothly. Time to fall in partnership especially in liquid industry. Avoid sharing future plans and maintaining secrecy. Politicians must be careful while signing papersMASTER COLOUR: Sky Blue and YellowLUCKY DAY: MondayLUCKY NO: 2 and 6DONATIONS: Please donate oil in temple or to poorNUMBER 3: People born on 3rd, 12th, 22th and 30thTremendous energy floating in and around, so today You should enlighten your power of 6th sense through spirituality and meditation as it will show you a path towards growth. Your presence on stage will be charming today. Artists of theater must go new beginning at workplace will. A new relationship is also likely to meet on your way. Luck will favor for public figures and lawyers.Musicians, Designers, Students,News Anchors, Politicians, Actors, Artist, Housewives, Hotelier and Writers likely to have special announcement for career growthMASTER COLOUR: RedLUCKY DAY: ThursdayLUCKY NO: 3 and 1DONATIONS: Please donate yellow pencils to childrenNUMBER 4 (People born on 4th,13th, 22, 31st)Money incoming seems high without compromises which will be advantageous in future so go ahead. Eating green and citrus brings physical and mental health growth. Business like construction, machinery, metals, software and brokers must avoid signing agreement today. Excellent professional life and also beautiful experience of being proud parents. Sportsman will have an opportunity for career plan and should accept it.MASTER COLOUR: BlueLucky day TuesdayLUCKY NO: 9DONATIONS: Please donate lemon to poor.NUMBER 5 (People born on 5th, 14th, 23rd)Stop dominating with family members and learn to be flexible. Your peers and senior will get influenced by your leadership today and appreciate you. A day to receive rewards and recognition of your performance. A day to make property or stock investments as money benefits will be knocking soon. Sportsmen and travelers to have the best outcome. Wear Green to enhance luck in meetings. Must go to propose your love as life offers gifts of your choice today Glamor industry will enjoy all corners of career.MASTER COLOUR: Sea GreenLUCKY DAY: WednesdayLUCKY NO: 5DONATIONS: Please donate White flour to poorNUMBER 6 (People born on 6th, 15th, 24th) A special day for couples or people in love to make and keep commitments. Students in higher classes teciebe success as per their plan today. Feeling of romance and promises will rule your mind today so enjoy. Business and job growth will be handsome but personal issues will be more complex today, so remember to be away from arguments. Remember not to take too many responsibilities on your shoulder as you cannot make all happy. Hoteliers, travellers, jewellers, actors, jockeys and doctors go for displaying their skills as the day turns Lucky for them. Take the guidance of coaches in sports for future as it will be favorable to their lifeMASTER COLOUR: BlueLUCKY DAY: FridayLUCKY NO: 6DONATIONS: Please donate curd to poorNUMBER 7 (People born on 7th, 16th and 25th)A great day for lawyers, software engineers , students, sportsmen and CAs. Your leadership and analytical skills are your assets of personality. The day seems to be applying knowledge and wisdom involving money decisions. Please avoid facing disputes as will harm image. Love Relationship will give trust and respect in return of your honesty. Need not to trust documents today as the day needs an audit. But it’s a great day for those working in Courts, Theatre, Technology, Government tenders, real estate, Schools, Interiors, Grains. Business relations will be healthy as long as you don’t stay in partnership.MASTER COLOUR: Orange and BlueLUCKY DAY: MondayLUCKY NO: 7DONATIONS: Please donate chandan in templeNUMBER 8 (People born on the 8th, 17th and 26th)You will enjoy the day with friends and family. Long term goal will be geared towards growth. Time to go out for shopping, traveling and change in lifestyle. Transactions in business will be successful. Family functions, presentations, government agreements or interviews must be attended. Please avoid self-drives. One of the best combinations today to increase mediation power and strengthen love relations.MASTER COLOUR: Sea BlueLUCKY DAY: FridayLUCKY NO: 6DONATIONS: Please donate Green grains to cattleNUMBER 9 (People born on 9th, 18th and 27th)A day to spend in mass . Popularity has always been a part of your job and personality, so remain in public to enhance your charm. People from media, sports, construction, medical, politics and glamor industry will see new heights. Day full of achievements and money returns for people in education or creative arts. A beautiful day to approach family connections to enhance business or job as a great reply is waiting. , Must wear red to start the dayMASTER COLOUR: RedLUCKY DAY: TuesdayLUCKY NO: 9 and 6DONATIONS: Please donate Orange piece of cloth to femalesRead all the Latest News here

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