Curtsey, No PDA or selfies: 6 rules Camilla has to follow as Queen Consort

Camilla Parker Bowles, King Charles’ wife, is now the Queen Consort but her new title doesn’t give her the same powers as the late Queen Elizabeth II because she’s not the monarch, but it does change her responsibilities. As the wife of the sovereign and a senior working royal, these are the six rules that Camilla Parker Bowles has to follow:

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1. Camilla Parker Bowles must curtsey to monarchs

As the Queen Consort, Camilla is no longer required to curtsey to other members of the royal family but when she travels abroad she must curtsey to monarchs around the world.

2. The Queen Consort must walk behind King Charles

As a sign of respect, the Queen Consort must always walk behind her husband King Charles. In the first days of his reign, Charles was spotted walking outside of Buckingham Palace with Camilla just a few steps behind.

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3. Camilla can no longer update the Clarence House social media accounts

When she was the Duchess of Cornwall and the wife of the heir, Camilla lived at Clarence House with Charles and shared updates on the official Clarence House Instagram account. But as the couple now live in Buckingham Palace, they have stopped updating the Clarence House social media accounts.

4. No public display of affection, please

Even though Charles and Camilla have never been ones to show public displays of affection, they are not much affected by the rule that asks them not to be affectionate in public.

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5. Camilla Parker Bowles now serves as a counselor of state

If the King is temporarily unable to do his official duties as sovereign due to illness or absence abroad, at least two Counselors of State are appointed. As Queen Consort, Camilla must serve as a Counselor of State along with the next four royals (over the age of 21) in the line of succession — Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, and Princess Beatrice.

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6. No selfies or autographs for the Queen Consort

Working royals often meet with members of the public while performing their duties. However, a handshake and greeting is all royal fans should expect when meeting Camilla as Queen Consort Camilla is not allowed to take a selfie.