Dodging cost of Queen's funeral query, UK minister asserts: ‘Money well spent’

The cost of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and lying-in-state was “money well spent”, Britain’s culture secretary Michel Donelan said adding that the total cost of the ceremonies has not been assessed yet.

“I’m not sure of the exact costings but as I say, I think the British public would argue that was money well spent,” Michel Donelan told Sky News.

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“You saw so many thousands out there and I don’t think anybody can suggest that our late monarch didn’t deserve that send-off, given the duty and the selfless service that she committed to over 70 years,” she added.

Slamming criticism over the high costs of the monarch’s funeral, Michel Donelan said it would be “downright preposterous” to say that state funding for the ceremonies was not warranted.

“It was great sense of the community coming together. I always think of our late monarch as the glue that brought society together,” she asserted.

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Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will be funded from general taxation, despite the monarch’s personal fortune of hundreds of millions of pounds, which has resulted in widespread criticism over the costs of the events.

Some media outlets criticized the massive costs of the Queen’s funeral as Britain is projected to head towards a recession amid skyrocketing costs of living. Almost 1.3 million people in Britain are expected to fall into poverty this winter, a Guardian report said.