Karan Johar Prying Into Samantha Prabhu’s Personal Life Off Camera? He Says ‘Not At All True’

When Samantha Ruth Prabhu made her Koffee With Karan debut this year, she left everyone completely impressed. From talking about her personal life to correcting Karan Johar when he mistakenly called Naga Chaitanya as her husband, Samantha was savage during the episode. However, when Karan mentioned that he doesn’t want to ‘encroach’ by asking her about her personal life, Samantha was quick to respond that he had already asked her all about it behind the camera. Weeks after, in a recent interview with RJ Siddharth Kannan, Karan Johar was asked about the same and the claims that he has been ‘prying’ into Samantha’s personal life off-camera. The filmmaker mentioned that ‘it was not true at all’. He also shared that he asks only those questions which are already in the public domain. “We had a chat, and I knew that there were boundaries to respect, in anyone’s personal life. And let me tell you very honestly, I don’t cross any boundaries. I always ask people questions that are already in the public domain. Nothing that I will ask you will be something that I might know privately about you, or something that I’ve heard which is not meant to be disclosed on national television. I will only ask you if it’s out there, and I will ask it in a very casual, candid manner,” KJo said. Karan further mentioned that he is not interested in ‘startling revelations’ and added that it is okay if his guests choose to deny it. “The fun in the denial and the ask is what I’m really looking for,” he said. ALSO READ: After Samantha Prabhu’s Koffee Debut, Naga Chaitanya Wants To Appear On Karan Johar’s Show Meanwhile, during her Koffee With Karan appearance, Samantha had also admitted that she and Naga still have hard feelings for each other. “It has been hard. But it’s good now. It’s fine. I am stronger than I have ever been,” she said. “Are there hard feelings like if you put us both in a room, you have to hide sharp objects? Yeah, as of now, yes,” the actress further added. Read the Latest News and Breaking News here

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