Life-size cast of Princess Diana's hand goes up for auction

Life-size cast of late Princess Diana’s hand is expected to sell for up to 40,000 pounds ($46,046) as it was put up for auction. The plaster cast is of Princess Diana’s left hand and depicts her wedding band. The cast will be auctioned off at Reeman Dansie and is 24-centimeter-long.

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The cast was made by renowned Croatian sculptor Oscar Nemon before his death in 1985. Princess Diana was his last sitter. Oscar Nemon’s portfolio also included sculptures of other members of the royal family such as Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother and Prince Philip.

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Princess Diana’s cast was made in St James Palace in London and details show Diana’s wedding band.

The auction house said that the piece was “extremely rare and believed unique” as Reeman Dansie managing director James Grinter called the cast a “delicate beauty.”

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“It has a wonderful presence actually,” James Grinter told CNN. Before this, the life case belonged to Oscar Nemon’s assistant, sculptor Karin Churchill, the auction house said.

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Oscar Nemon’s life-size cast of the right hand of British prime minister Sir Winston Churchill will also be auctioned. It is estimated to fetch up to 7,000 pounds ($8,049).