Strange video of sheep walking around in a circle for 12 days in China | Watch

A huge flock of sheep has reportedly been seen moving in a circle for twelve days in northern China’s Inner Mongolia region, the New York Post reported. Surveillance footage of the peculiar activity depicts a huge flock moving in a clockwise pattern as a group and without direction, forming a perfect circle in the center.

Other sheep can occasionally be spotted standing still in the middle of the rotation while some can be seen watching from outside.

Video of the strange scene was tweeted Wednesday by the Chinese state-run outlet People’s Daily, which reported the sheep are perfectly healthy and the cause of the behavior remains a mystery. “The great sheep mystery! Hundreds of sheep walk in a circle for over 10 days in N China’s Inner Mongolia. The sheep are healthy and the reason for the weird behavior is still a mystery”, the caption read.

It started with a small number of sheep before the entire flock joined in. Out of the 34 sheep pens only the sheep in pen number 13 have been behaving in this manner, the sheep owner, identified as Miao was quoted as saying by the New York Post.

Reportedly, they have been moving since November 4. It is unknown if they pause to eat or drink. Some have speculated the sheep’s behavior could be caused by a bacterial disease called Listeriosis — also known as “circling disease.”